Green Vertical Turbine (GVT) is an innovative vertical rotation axis wind turbine with a number of functionalities, distinguishing it from other solutions available on the market (vertical and horizontal rotation axes).

GVT module vertical rotation axis wind turbine consists of three-meters high attachable segments and is configurable within the power capacity of 20 kW to 300 kW. GVT turbines are highly efficient in terms of wind energy acquisition – up to 56%, which gives a beneficial relation of price to work results, decreasing electricity costs. At the same time, because of the construction’s modality, GVT turbines ensure flexible power matching to the users’ needs – GVT segments can be configured in single or multi-segmental columns and tri-columned turrets, giving proper turbines for prosumer use and for industrial power engineering alike. Additionally, thanks to the use of a unique construction, GVT turbines can be placed close to each other without the risk of mutual wind energy loss by the turbines. It is of extremely significant importance for wind farms construction, for it allows the increase of density of turbines’ placement and, as a result, to lower the land cost and necessary accompanying infrastructure.

GVT turbines are also characterized with resistance to adverse wind conditions. Broad scope of wind production speed (from 1.5 to 55m/s), independence from wind direction and resistance to air flow interference are ensured by the possibility of installing the turbines on areas, where the use of traditional wind turbines is impossible or difficult due to too weak or to strong wind gusts. What is more, the use of intelligent system of energy management integrated with energy storehouse allows for collecting its surpluses and their automatic use to sustain and stabilize the work of turbines in adverse wind conditions.

The GVT turbines, thanks to their construction, are neutral to the natural environment: non-emission (they do not generate extra vibrations or noise) and safe for birds or bats. As a result, it guarantees the possibility of placing GVT turbines in all the places where simple horizontal or vertical turbines cannot be used, which means urbanized, industrial and environmentally-sensitive areas alike. At the same time, thanks to these assets, installation of a GVT turbine is implemented in accordance with the simplified procedure of environmental deeds acquisition, which causes relevant investment process time shortening and decrease of costs related to it.

A major feature, which is unparalleled in other solutions is the ease of GVT transport and installation – thanks to three-meter height and diameter of a single turbine segment, transportation does not require pilotage. In contrast to competitive wind turbines, the GVT turbines do not possess large construction elements such as masts or blades/propellers.

Wind turbines are available in two construction versions – steel and aluminum, thanks to which there is a possibility of installing the turbine close to other building objects (roofs, columns, existing mast constructions), and also offshore and naval vessels what, in case of single-segment turbines is very limited, and even unprofitable due to low level of generated power.


  • Decrease of electricity costs
  • Atmosphere emissions reduction
  • Possibility of producing electricity in places of no electricity existence
  • Contribution to the increase of energy safety of the country