Green Vertical Turbine Sp. z o.o. offers professional preparation of wind power plant projects. The scope of services included in designing stage, is as follows:

  • Acquiring grounds for wind power plants, verification and analysis of the area in view of their usefulness to carry out an investment
  • Distributing turbines on the given area
  • Compiling Project Information Sheet
  • Determining whether it is indispensable to prepare a report and assessment of impact of the project on environment
  • Conducting getechnical research of the ground
  • Performing wind measurements and productivity analysis
  • Providing full documentation encompassing administration, construction and energy issues
  • Obtaining permission for construction work
  • Construction and assembly works
  • Preparing contracts on the purchase of electricity
  • Launching and maintaining the plant
  • Guarantee and post-guarantee service

The construction of wind power plant proceeds according to strictly defined procedures; thanks to the cooperation with expert, who offer their support on every stage on project implementation – from the moment of conceiving a project till setting this plant to work.

We are also interested in consultations in the field of location and sitting of an installating of the most modern GVT-G5 vertical wind power plants.