Wind Farms

The scope of business of Green Vertical Turbine is especially conducting activities associated with the development od innovative technologies of wind power plants with vertical rotation axis, both earmarked for prosumer purposes and for industrial power engineering. Additionally, the company deals also with complementary desigining and construction of wind power plants. Research and development project, with the application of vertical wind turbines is successfully implemented since 2010. Currently the company implements next projects and tests on the territory of Poland.

Using wind as energy source is not very common in Poland, but a dynamic development of wind power plants’technologies brings about a change to this state of affairs. Green Vertical Turbine Sp. z o.o. carries out investments in projects of wind power plants both during its implementation, as well as from scratch.

The primary goal of the Company is implementing on the Polish market the most modern and the most ecological technological solutions in the field of energy production from renewable sources and constant work on improving the existing solutions.

Projects completed by our Company aim at producing cheap energy for the purpose of local communities as well as enhancing energy balance of the country.

We are aware of the fact that the sector of green energy in Poland is a gurantee of stable and long-term revenue. We know how to generate both economic, as well as intangible profits, contributing in the long run to the improvement of health state of the society and reducing expenses on environment protection, and consequently, contributing to reduction of environment pollution. We want the cooperation with trustworthy parthers result in innovative ideas, creating new technologies, professional successes, job places, health protection and financial benefits.

We want that our work would change the reality and that the world, thanks to the usage of renewable energy in the form of wind power plants, would become a more environment-friendly and better place to live.

Conducted investments and researches on pioneering vertical wind turbines technology helped us to achieve a high market position, thanks to which we have the support of reliable investors and background in the form of animators of state-of-the-art technological solutions.

By implementing innovative projects, we simultaneously contribute to natural environment improvement. We are proud of our activities, which will enable us to introduce new technology of wind energy production what helps us to implement technologically advanced and profitable investments in wind farms.